ROXY's Heroes: SUSIE Louie (we senior setterzens have to stick together); Karen Zaleski (in honor of MARSHALL); with love from GILLIE Reback; RUEGER Evans; Judy, Nancy, and BELLE; Woofs from the Willsons; Licks from PADDY, JESSIE, and KAYLA; DYLAN and AUTUMN Benefiel; Muriel Chism (in memory of ACHILLES Lasner); Judy, Nancy, and BELLE Meek; PADDY, JESSIE, and KAYLA Reback; RUEGER Evans; Ann Mussinan and the TX misfits (in memory of SHAMROCK); Chris Collins (in memory of SCOUT & INDY); Cynthia Valdez (in memory of LUCY, the most unique Irish Mexican Setter!); More woofs from the Willsons; Woofs from the Willsons
ALERT: FIVE Irish Setters from ILLINOIS that have come to SOS have had seizures.  Epilepsy is known to be a problem with the breed, and responsible breeders will not produce puppies with this inherited problem.  This is just one more reason to find out as much as you can before you select a breeder!
Below is a list of Setters who are in need of a suitable foster home in the SOS program:

Several Irish Setters in multiple locations, primarily in the central time zone.

Please contact us
as soon as possible
if you can foster.
The dogs are
counting on you!
Save Our Setters has rescued five puppies from Missouri who have been diagnosed with SAS, a genetic heart defect that results in premature sudden death
Do not buy a puppy from a breeder, from a pet store, or from an individual without a thorough veterinary exam.  Exams of puppies under 16 weeks of age may be inconclusive.
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Save Our Setters, Inc.
Introducing: The Dogs!
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PLEASE!! Have your pets spayed or neutered!
This page was last updated on: June 26, 2014
(These rescues have already found homes)
Will your next companion come from a Rescue...
The truth is that pups that don't sell can (and do) wind up in rescue.
If you buy from commercial breeders, they make a profit and breed more puppies.
If you adopt a rescue dog, the adoption fee is used to help more rescues.
It's your money.  It's your choice.
     (These pups were likely used as breeding             stock or may have been sold to other

Won't you consider giving a home
to a sweet, older Setter?

Our "Seniors for Seniors" program
provides for Senior Citizens
on limited incomes to adopt
a Senior Setterzen for
a greatly reduced adoption fee.

Inquire today!!
Click here to read about a recently
closed Puppy Mill in OK
Click here to read about a Puppy Mill in OK that is still operating!!
Several of our rescues have been adopted by their foster families, leaving a shortage of foster homes.

Please consider becoming an SOS foster home!!
Simply click on the
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link to help provide
for a deserving Setter!
Did you know that foster homes and funding are what make rescue possible?

We are down several foster homes due to medical issues,
family emergencies, and the economy.  If you are in the central US
and can foster, even for just a few weeks, the dogs need

In the past, Save Our Setters has taken in breeding stock from puppymills and
backyard breeders who are getting out
of Setters due to the low selling prices
of the puppies.

Save Our Setters has also taken in puppies
and adults that breeders had advertised
as "free to good home", and found that
they could not even GIVE THEM AWAY! 
Even reputable breeders are lowering their prices on older pups that have not sold.

If the puppy you are considering does not have champions in the first and/or second generations, you should be paying NO MORE THAN $100 for a puppy that has had minimal vetting (shots & deworming only).
Use this link to shop at and help the SOS dogs!!!
Available Now!
Available Soon!
(We are not quite ready yet, but will be soon!!!)
"Setting A Higher Standard" isn't just a slogan.

Disease is just one of the MANY reasons we require our rescues to stay in foster care for a minimum of two weeks.

Would YOU want to adopt a sick dog from a rescue?

Know the policies of a rescue organization BEFORE adopting!!
While almost any rescue will "make room" for young and healthy dogs of their breed, very few are willing to "make room" for the tougher cases - those with medical issues, those who are older, and those whose future is uncertain due to behavioral issues.  We understand that not all Setters in need will be perfect.  This is why we are so grateful for each and every sponsor!!

Setters have been turned away for simple issues such as mild separation anxiety.  Setters have been turned away due to their status as Senior Setterzens.  We believe that rescue has an obligation to help Setters in need which is why, when we have room, we take in the tough cases that other Setter Rescues often turn away.  This is just one of many reasons that volunteering to foster for SOS makes a big difference!!  Meet some of the special kids we didn't refuse because they are simply...
New arrivals will be added
to the website soon!

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Save Our Setters
Irish Setter Rescue website!!

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Save Our Setters is grateful for the support we
have received this year from donors and adopters worldwide.  Unfortunately, there never seems to
be enough in the coffers to meet all the needs of
all the rescues in our program.

Won't you please take a minute and remember the dogs
with a donation?  Over 95 % of our expenditures
directly benefit the dogs in our program.

Thanks from all the furkids at Save Our Setters!!
Road Trip?

If you are planning a road trip in the near future, please email your dates of travel and route to

We'll let you know of any Setters needing a lift that can benefit from your willingness to take them along!
TOO FUNNY!!: SOS has been advised that a breeder of Irish Setters has revised her contract to state that none of the dogs she sells are to be surrendered to rescue.  You don't suppose that's because we will be able to document the genetic defects in her lines, do you?
English Setter
Five Year Old - MO
Energy Level - 7
FRECKLES' HeroesJeri Rome; Richard Hood (in memory of ANNIE); Kate and RUEGER Evans; Licks from PADDY, JESSIE, & KAYLA; RUSTY, ROXY, & SEAMUS Balsley; Judy & John Murphy (in memory of ABBEY); Susan Hilleary; RONIN Kmonicek; Laura Heid (in memory of KYLE)
  Heart Murmur
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Irish Setter
Six Year Old - SC
Energy Level - 7
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SPARKLE's Heroes:  RONAN Kmonicek; BELLE Meek; RUEGER Evans; FINN Kmonicek; Nikki Brandt; Jason Thiele (in memory of Monica Thiele and with thanks to the Rileys); Woofs from the Willsons
Irish Setter
Eight Year Old - MI
Energy Level Unknown
SADIE's Heroes:  Carin Sein luvs you, SADIE!; BELLE Meek; RONAN Kmonicek (in memory of my brother FINN); ROSIE Kmonicek; RUEGER Evans; Patricia Crabtree (in memory of Dr. Marc Wessels);  Rita Bell (in memory of Dr. Marc Wessels); Mary Farmer (in memory of Dr. Marc Wessels); Stacey Nichols (in memory of Dr. Marc Wessels); Beverly Tucker and the staff of Waggin' Tail Kennel Boarding and Grooming (in memory of Dr. Marc Wessels); Mike and Mary Samuel Reid (in memory of Dr. Marc Wessels); John Moore and Patti Pugh-Moore (in memory of Dr. Marc Wessels); Carin Sein; Charlotte Reback; Terry and Sherri Jarvie (in memory of Marc Wessels); Leslie McBride (in memory of Marc Wessels);Genesis Sunday School Class at Beargrass Christian Church (in memory of Marc Wessels); Thomas and Susan Roust (in memory of Marc Wessels); Woofs from the Willsons; Keith, Vicki, Alexa,and Tanner Black (in loving memory of Reverend Dr. Marc A. Wessels); BELLE Meek; ROSIE Kmonicek; The Kestner Family (in memory of BONNIE): REBA Gilmore; Lillian Robinson (in memory of Dr. Marc Wessels); Richard Davis; Linda Coger (in loving memory of GRACIE); Julia Bolding (in memory of DUGAN); Margaret Tardif; Michael and Susan Fellers
Irish Setter
Five Year Old - NY
Energy Level Unknown
MORK's Heroes:  BELLE Meek; RONAN and ROSIE Kmonicek; Richard Hood (in memory of ANNIE); Margaret Tardif; Robert Maas (in honor of wonderful Irish and Gordon Setters ZEESIE and GAELA); Michelle Kofron (in memory of BEAU); Julia Bolding (in memory of DUGAN); Gretchen and Craig Cummings (in memory of STYX); RUEGER Evans; Michael and Susan Fellers; Susan Hilleary; DYLAN Benefiel; Annette Thomas (in honor of a great friend Joan Willson with birthday wishes and holiday joy and hugs); Ginger Kenney (in memory of CRIMSON); Terrie Stauffer (in memory of RADLEY); Ann Reinhart; Merrilee Dulaney; Lauren Lexton; Beth and Richard Dowdell (in memory of Marc Wessels)
Irish Setter
Five Year Old - TN
Energy Level - 9
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MYLES' Heroes:  Bob and Betsy Hockenberry (in memory of TUCKER), Terrie Stauffer (in memory of RADLEY); Doug Peters (memory of MOLLY and SHANNON); Mike & Connie Bacon (in memory of RILEY & SELAH); BEN Farney; Larry Katavich; Melanie Sadler (in memory of O'REILLY)
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Irish Setter
Six Year Old - MO
Energy Level - 4
Irish Setter
Senior - MS
Energy Level Unknown
MICHAELA requires medication for joint issues, a heart murmur, and elevated kidney values
MICHAELA's Heroes: Licks from PADDY, JESSIE, and KAYLA Reback; Deb Smith (in honor of CLOUD); Denise Spracklen (in honor of CLOUD); BELLE Meek; RONAN and ROSIE Kmonicek; The Rasey family; Woofs from the Willsons; CLARE McNamara
Special  diet and    meds
Irish Setter
Four Year Old - NH
Energy Level Unknown
KELSEY's Heroes:  RONAN & ROSIE Kmonicek; CHEVEY Watson; Merrilee Dulaney; Mary-Jo Hinkle; Jeanette (in memory of MURPHY); Jon Dinger; Joseph Tusa; RUEGER Evans; Lee-Ann Dubois
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In remembrance of this Irish lad, SOS has established The Phoenix Fund to help with expenses of future dogs with significant needs. More here
CONAIGN's Heroes:  Judi Hastings; Jeanette (in memory of MURPHY); BEN Farney; Dorigan Irish Setters; GAELA and ZEESIE Maas (in memory of GILA and LOLA); Terrie Stauffer (in memory of RADLEY); Lee-Ann Dubois; BELLE Meek
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Awaiting results of second ultrasound regarding possible mass inside bladder.
Irish Setter
Senior - IL
Energy Level Unknown
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Irish Setter
Senior - GA
Energy Level Unknown
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Irish Setter
Six Year Old - TN
Energy Level - 4
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Skin issues, emaciated, and possible other issues pending labwork
HAROLD's Heroes:  Dorothy and Jerry Chambers (in memory of Arnie Maine); RONAN and ROSIE Kmonicek; The Zaleski Redheads (celebrating 1000 members on Facebook!); Marty Siegrist
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Irish Setter
Senior - IL
Energy Level Unknown
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MACY's Heroes:  RONAN & ROSIE Kmonicek; Lee-Ann Dubois; Jeanette (in memory of MURPHY); Judi Hastings
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GINGER's Heroes:  Woofs from the Willsons; Eleanor Guion; Terrie Stauffer (in memory of RADLEY); BELLE Meek; RONAN and ROSIE Kmonicek; Dorigan Irish Setters; Kristi Schrittwieser
Irish Setter
??? Year Old - MI
Energy Level Unknown
THOMAS MERRITT's Heroes: RONAN and ROSIE Kmonicek; Woofs from the Willsons; Louisa Johnson; John and Judy Murphy: Peggy Shaw; Carol Evanetz (in memory of BIG MICK); Earl Blessing; Susan Walker
Ask us about our "Seniors for Seniors" program!
Ask us about our "Seniors for Seniors" program!
Ask us about our "Seniors for Seniors" program!
Ask us about our "Seniors for Seniors" program!
Sponsor me!!!
Special  diet and    meds