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I am new here, but am already eating well, learning housetraining quickly, walking well on a leash and socializing easily with the other dogs - that's a LOT for a 4 month old puppy!!  My activity level right now is a 3, but I'm still recovering from spay surgery.  I really love to snuggle, but I'm still not feeling too good.  I love to play, especially with the other puppy, but I stay calm most of the time.

UPDATE:  SADIE has such a unique personality.  She's nearly fearless, taking on any challenge or new experience with her trademark "so what are you looking at?" look on her face.  She loves to have her tummy rubbed (especially when she first wakes up in the morning), she loves treats of any kind (especially chews), and she loves dog food of any kind (especially if it is in someone else's bowl)!  Her favorite thing to do is to slide up beside me, rest her jaw on my leg, and look adoring up into my eyes.  She knows she can get a little love and just about anything else she wants with that "look".  I hope Dr. Fine gives her a good report in 5 months because she's a gem!!  Fostered by Shelly in MO.
UPDATE!!!  BABY SADIE, in our program since she was five months old, has a heart murmur.  Testing and medicines alone will total around $1,000 just to know whether or not she can be adopted.  Testing done on February 20th revealed that her Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis (SAS) falls in the moderate range, which is better news than the testing two months ago appeared to reveal.  There is no substitute for the more advanced diagnostic equipment!!

According to Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, "subvalvular aortic stenosis is a common congenital heart defect in dogs. Narrowing of the ventricular outflow tract results in ventricular hypertrophy with severity related to the degree of stenosis. Many canine breeds have been affected; a genetic mode of inheritance is documented or suspected in several breeds." (

It is not surprising that SADIE came to us from a shelter in the heart of puppymill country...  We are still seeking information on her breeder.  Since SAS is inherited, we would like to ensure that either the breeder willingly stops producing litters with this genetic defect, or, at the very least, will have fewer buyers of their puppies with this very serious heart defect.

According to Dr. Fine (BABY SADIE's veterinary cardiologist), she will need to repeat the same testing in August 2006.  If her gradient pressure shows little or no change, she will become available for adoption.  However, if the gradient pressure increases, she will be deemed unadoptable, and will remain in the SOS program until she crosses Rainbow Bridge.