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Hello, my name is Balto!!  I am about 9 years young and as you can see I am very handsome!   My Mommy and Daddy split up, and Mom couldn't afford to take care of me any longer.  I have always been an inside pup, and love lots of attention.  My Mom says I am very loveable.  I prefer to think of it as being very huggable!!

I am good with kids and cats.  I am allergic to corn products, so I will require special food made without corn.  I also have a thyroid problem (very common in Setters), and require medicine that cost about $8.00 a month.  I must be an inside companion, as I don't do well outside in the hot summer months.

See letter and update from his foster mom below.  It sure sounds like she is having a blast!!

UPDATE:  BALTO will be going to the Dog-ter on Tuesday for some new growths near his tail.  Please keep your paws crossed for him!!

UPDATE:  The new growths are just pressure points that have been irritated as of late.  They should resolve themselves over time.

LETTER FROM FOSTER MOM:  I have Balto and he's fine. I just bathed him and cut his hair.  Unfortunately, he had a lot of mats so I basically cut most of his feathers off so he can just start again and regrow it.   It's so funny, he looks like a small child chopped all his hair off (unevenly). He's so soft and clean now though and the feathers will grow back out. I tried to cut his nails because they were, no lie, about 3-4 inches long but he wouldn't let me get past the first one. He's at the vet now and they're going to do the rest for me.

He's very excited about having friends and thinks Kirby is his playmate. Balto does this thing where he prances around Kirby and butts him with his nose and then jumps back to see what Kirby will do. He does it over and over again, it's so funny.

He hasn't been on any heartworm prevention so I am going to take him tomorrow for a heartworm test and if it's negative, I'll go ahead and give him an Intercepter tablet. He sure does like the ladies, I don't think he's been around female dogs. He's very happy about it. Right now, he's asleep in the kitchen.

UPDATE:  I am happy to report that Balto is heartworm negative and I gave him his first dose of interceptor. He weighs 90 pounds. His claws are gone now too, bless his heart. We have discovered this evening that Balto is a counter surfer (after stealing English peas and a tuna steak from a plate----we were finished). He also likes to sit right in front of you while you eat and bark at you. Isn't that charming? I fed the others some canned food and I felt so bad for him because it had ground corn in it and he couldn't have it. But I've been giving him chicken jerky and rawhide treats. He's taking vitamins with the others too now. They are still a little unsure of him. Kirby (my 100 pound male lunk-head setter) seems to like him and they have played. Balto has a crush on Murphy (my senior female setter) but she's made it clear she isn't interested and checks him if he gets too close. Molly is just indifferent to everyone as long as she gets to sleep on the bed.

Balto has definitely quickly assumed his place in the pack. I keep 2 children here with my daughter after school and their parents met Balto today and now everyone officially thinks I have lost my mind for taking another dog but what can you do? All dog-lovers are a little crazy, eh?

Previous Vet Bills:   $   653
Estimated New Vet Bills:            125
Bloat vet visit & euthanasia437
Donations for BALTO:                453
Adoption Fee:         N/A
Applied from MAGGIE    34
Donations still needed:          $   728