Hi, my name is BUBBA and I just turned two years old.  My most favoritest thing in the world to do is play!  I'm high energy and fun-loving!

I'm great with other dogs, and seem to be fine with cats.  If the cat runs, I may chase (that's the "dog" thing to do, ya know), but I have not shown any aggression.

I ride well in my foster dad's truck.  He never lets me drive, though.  I crate up when asked, and am very good while crated.

I am great with people, too (I know that's really important, cuz people give me attention and treats, and they play with me!).  I do not jump up on people, and am good with children. 

I have always been a house dog, and have very good house manners.  I've not had any accidents inside, and I don't mark.

I like to go outside some, but I prefer indoors with the other doggies and with the people.  I do not like being alone.  If put outside alone, I will bark and find ways to climb over the chainlink fence.  When I get out, I just run around the neighborhood some, then I come back to the house.  My foster dad says that a six foot privacy fence should keep me in.  I'd also do well being leash-walked several times a day.

My foster dad says that I'm a very sweet and smart dog.  Other than escaping, I've shown no negative behaviors.  What can I say?  I'm a great guy!  Wanna play???  Fostered by David in AL.

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