The phone call came at ten in the morning...  She is sick, so she will be leaving today - either through the front door, or through the back door.  Within fifteen minutes, Cheryl and Doug were on their way to meet Carla and CLOVER in Dubuque so that this little girl would have a chance, thanks to Carla's call.

Estimated to be about five months of age, CLOVER weighs a whopping 22 pounds.  She has a nasty upper respiratory infection, and has not been eating much for Cheryl because she feels so poorly.  The vet took x-rays of her chest and also ran bloodwork.  She is on some pretty strong meds in the hope that she will turn around quickly.

The pictures say it all.  No puppy should be subjected to this degree of neglect!!!  Please keep your paws crossed for this little angel.  Fostered by Cheryl in WI.

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UPDATE 1-11-09:  CLOVER is showing some improvement, but not nearly as much as we were hoping to see after nearly a week on meds.  She is going back to the clinic this week for reassessment.

She has started eating on her own, several smaller meals daily, and is finishing most of what she is given.  Her water consumption remains good.  She still spends the majority of the day resting/sleeping.

UPDATE 1-15-09:  CLOVER has taken a turn for the worse.  She is now at the ER hospital on IV fluids.

We are awaiting results of more bloodwork and other tests including transtracheal lavage and culture & sensitivity.  Today's x-rays showed pneumonia, which is being treated. Whether the pneumonia is secondary to another issue has yet to be determined.
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UPDATE 1-16-09:  Despite everyone's best efforts, including CLOVER II's, she went to the bridge this afternoon.  Last night the EVS did a transtracheal lavage with cytology and culture. The results came back mid-morning as pneumonia plus squamous cell carcinoma (cancer).  Given her body condition, the best and kindest thing was to let her go.  When we arrived at the EVS to help her cross the bridge, the vet techs told us that they had been taking turns being with her and holding her all night long.  Doug and I were with her until the end as she drifted to sleep peacefully.

CLOVER II will be laid to rest in our flower bed that sits on a hill overlooking our yard and creek.  Even though she had only been with us a short time, we will miss her.  We are taking comfort in knowing that her last days were filled with warmth, comfort, and love.  Everyone who met CLOVER II fell in love with her.  Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers for CLOVER II.

Cheryl and Doug

May the shamrocks fall softly...
Total vet bills:$   1,754
Donations for CLOVER: $       635
Adoption Fee:           N/A
Amount Still Needed:     $   1,119

All donations should be designated "in memory of CLOVER II".  Thank you for helping with the vet bills.
CLOVER's Heroes:  SUSIE and GAGE Louie (who are keeping their paws crossed); ...because of our love for the Irish, from Julie & Don Benefiel; Jean Benedetti; Jim and Sweet SUE; Elizabeth, CLOUD, REBA, and MARILYN WILKERSON, with love; Donna and Jeff Salisbury; Marilyn Day; Susan Hilleary; Carla Heim (In the short time we all knew CLOVER, she had a lasting impact on us all.  I shed tears in her memory and can never thank you enough for the immeasurable love, support, and care given by SOS in the 10 short days she had with you); Denise Spracklen; The Shillinger Setters (with many thanks for SOS' efforts to save her); CAOIMHE Rinehart (in honor of Doug and Cheryl and their dedication to the Irish..I know..they saved me!); Ferd Prucher; Ginger Kenney; Marcia Miller
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CLOVER II reminded us why adopters should never accept their newly adopted rescue dog straight from the shelter.  Any dog acquired through a rescue should spend at least two weeks in foster care, be thoroughly checked out by the rescue's vet, and be past the incubation period of most contagious diseases.  During the time in foster care, all vetting should be completed, and the dog should be temperament tested as well as tested with other dogs, with cats, and with young children.