LOGAN was but one day away from euthanasia when SOS was contacted.  Without hesitation, SOS committed to take him and have him examined by the vet, then decide what was to be done.  We were ill-prepared for what we were to receive.

While the main office was discussing his transfer with GSCA volunteers in MO, the clinic was contacting our KS volunteer, who authorized life-saving treatment.  While the list of things that needed repair was lengthy, the clinic felt that the boy was worth saving, so off he went into surgery as soon as the bloodwork showed a reasonable anesthesia risk.
As is typical with seniors who have been forced to endure tremendous hardship and neglect, the vet bills rise rapidly.  SOS spent just a few dollars shy of $500 on several surgical procedures in order to give this deserving boy a chance.  Missouri Valley Gordon Setter Rescue will handle the follow up treatments and heartworm treatment if appropriate. Both groups would be most grateful for donations to help defray some of the vet bills.

Gordon Setter rescue is to take possession of LOGAN on Wednesday, 11/22/06, fully vetted, compliments of Save Our Setters.  GSCA will assess him for possible treatment of heartworms, and will treat him if their vet deems it safe to do so.

This is what teamwork is all about - working together for the good of the dog.  Save Our Setters recognizes Gordon Setter rescuers Charlotte Kerr and  David & Cheryl Edwards who will see to it that LOGAN receives the best of care.  They will also work to find a forever home for this sweet boy who wants only to snuggle!
Vet bills paid by SOS: $  490
Amount Donated:           285
Applied from MAGGIE:               205
Still needed for LOGAN:      $       0