Hi, my name is GINGER and I'm five years old. I had a family that loved me, but they couldn't afford to get me the help I needed when I got sick. They tried to find me a home, but no one in the area responded to their ad. Then they contacted SOS, and I was on my way in just a few hours, thanks to Setter Angel Karen!

Karen got the call and the email, and quickly made arrangements for me to get to the vet first thing in the morning. Karen knew to look at my gums when she got me, and to take me to the doggy ER if they were pale, but they weren't. We left my former house a little after 1:00am and headed north, just barely beating the approaching storm.

Karen's daughter, Allison, works at the clinic, so she had everyone ready and waiting for me when I arrived. How cool is that?  Anyway, the Dog-ter poked me with needles, and pushed on me here and there. I was a good girl cuz I knew they were going to make me all better. They took pictures of my insides, too. The Dog-ter said it was the worst case they had ever seen. My poop was backed up all the way to my liver, and my colon was stretched to about the diameter of a soup can.

After they had checked me over thoroughly, the torture started. They gave me something called an enema. I didn't like it one bit, but I was still a good girl. I won't tell you what happened after that, but I will say that I needed a lot of help. Karen said something about giving birth to a very large, stinky watermelon, but I was in no mood for jokes. I hope the clinic smells better by now, though.

All-in-all, we were there for about three hours. When the Dog-ter felt that the worst of it had passed (little pun there, folks), we went home. I spent the next umpteen hours going pott I am now drinking again, and was able  to eat for the first time in several days. You know what? I like boiled chicken and rice!

Karen says we'll have another poopfest tomorrow, and then things will start getting back to normal. I sure hope so! I am already acting like I am feeling better, and even wagged my tail a little. I can even stand in a normal position, rather than all hunched over.

I've got lots of medicine to take to treat the ulcerative colitis and the clostridium. By then, I hopefully will have put some weight back on, and then we can get to work on the problem with the skin on my chest. Oh, and we'll have the other test results back by then, too.

I get along well with other dogs and am fine with kids, too. I'll let you know more about me when I feel better, okay? Fostered by Karen in MI.

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Here's me trying to recover from the enema. There are some disgusting pics on this page.