Save Our Setters, Inc. and of course JASMINE would like to express our sincere appreciation to following for their generous donations!!!!
Larry Hawkins
Rachel Seagrave
Skip & Pauletta Borchardt
Toby's Natural Pets
Jonnette Claridge
Second Chance Animal Rescue of Fayette County (IL)
Allison Taylor
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Lisa Starr
Margaret Sharp
Steve Brown
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David & Maria Crocker
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And to the many folks who donated to our Halloween fundraiser!!


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UPDATE: October 9, 2005

JASMINE writes:
Hi Mom! We got ready for winter today and I got to try on some clothes. Which do you like? The preppy red sweater or the biker dog jacket? I can either match my personality or try to fool people! It's supposed to snow lots here tonight and tomorrow but so far it's just been raining all afternoon. All of us dogs have been watching football and snoozing.

I got to ride in the back of the truck today for the first time this morning. It has a shell with windows all the way around so I could see lots of rabbits and other things as we drove around. I thought it was cool. I could jump, bark, and move around all I wanted without somebody telling me they were trying to drive. I'm being told I have to ride in the cab to go all the way to CSU but if I want to ride in the back of the truck I can do that again when we do a short errand. The other dogs just lie on their big bed in the back of the truck but I have no idea why they would do that when there's so much to see out the windows.

I also chased rabbits again this morning. I love chasing rabbits! Boy, those things sure can move when they want to but I can get pretty close before they take off.

It's my turn to eat again so I have to go. Later...
UPDATE: November 7, 2005

JASMINE, though perky, was experiencing significant blood loss due to the integrity of veins in the tumor being compromised.  She had five different breaches, of which one in particular was difficult to maintain closure.  Knowing that she was at great risk for bleeding to death should the bleeding start overnight, we decided JASMINE should spend her final moments in the arms of loved ones.  She peacefully drifted off to sleep, never having to suffer.

May the shamrocks fall softly on the much-loved JASMINE...

UPDATE: November 1, 2005

Sadly, the tumor is growing again.  Right now, she is still feeling her oats, and spends every possible minute chasing critters or harassing the cats.  Unabated, the tumor will grow rapidly, so time is short for our beloved friend.

What a fine example she has been to us.  In the midst of all kinds of obstacles, she awakens each day with a strong desire to make the most of every day.  She only complains when she doesn't get to take advantage of the opportunity to live each moment to it's fullest.  We could all learn a valuable lesson from her!!

UPDATE: October 12, 2005

We are so very proud of JASMINE.  She had her second dose of PEG-TNF Tuesday, and did much better this time, running a slight fever that broke quickly.  She was happy to see Katy, as it meant she could go home and chase critters!!

She returns in one week for more general tests, then will get her third dose of PEG-TNF on November 1st, weather permitting.  She can remain in the study as long as the tumor does not increase in size.  Since her first treatment, JASMINE has experienced NO tumor growth!  It has been brought 100% under control!!  She not only can keep her tongue in her mouth, but she can also hold it straight out the front for brief periods!!

Please continue to keep your paws crossed for JASMINE.  She is still eating on her own, and is gaining weight.  She is every bit as full of life as before, and anxiously awaits the trip to the mail kiosk each day (lots of rabbits to chase!).

Once again, I would like to express the sincere appreciation of the Board of Save Our Setters, Inc. for the donations on behalf of JASMINE.  Because of you, the donors, we all continue to enjoy the Irish antics of the princess!  For those who have not yet donated, please considering doing so now, as her food is very expensive and all donations on her behalf have been expended.

I was especially uplifted by Bill A.'s comment, "What great news for OTHER setters if they have found a chemo treatment that can arrest a tumor THAT size, think how much it could help with one that was found early and small!"  I am so glad that many dog enthusiasts are seeing the big picture.  We are not spending all this money to save JASMINE.  We are doing this for the benefit of future generations!!  Perhaps one of your own furkids will benefit from the knowledge gained from JASMINE's case.
June 12, 2000 -- November 7, 2005