Save Our Setters, Inc.

What better time than St. Patrick's Day to tell the story of KILLIAN!!  In all the time that I have worked with Rachel at the Emporia (KS) Animal Shelter, no one dog has touched so many hearts.  KILLIAN had been brought to the shelter three times due to neglect.  Each time, he had been skin and bones, terribly lethargic, and quite ill.  This time, KILLIAN became City property.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of preventative care and vaccinations, he has fallen victim to heartworm. 

Three animal welfare organizations are working together to save KILLIAN!!

The Buck Fund searched for a reputable Irish Setter rescue to place him in licensed foster care until he finds a loving forever home.  The organization we selected is Save Our Setters, Inc., which is also a non-profit group.  The Buck Fund, Rachel, and several volunteers are donating toward the cost of his treatment and neutering.  KILLIAN must be stabilized before we can transport him to Save Our Setters, Inc.

MiChielle Cooper

UPDATE:  We just recieved word that KILLIAN's vet in Kansas does not expect him to live more than a month, given his present condition.  Blood test results and radiographs were mailed on Saturday morning, and should be in the hands of our Memphis vet by Tuesday.  We will post a further update as soon as she has a chance to review the records.

The Irish spirit and will to live is strong, and we are not going to give up on him easily!!  Please keep KILLIAN in your thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!

UPDATE:  We spoke with Rachel at Emporia.  She said in spite of his good appetite, he is no longer able to stand, cannot catch his breath, and has not responded to the Lasix.  He is drowning in his own fluid.  The decision was made to let him go.

May the Shamrocks fall softly on the sweet boy who only knew kindness for a short time...