Save Our Setters, Inc.

Hello, my name is LOKEE.  I am about two years old!  I am a smaller Red Irish Setter with lots of energy and am incredibly smart!  I love to run and play.  Sometimes things get a little too rough, and I growl to make the other dogs back off a little.

I love to play in the water, and think the water dishes are great toys.  I am a bit of an Alpha male, and don't care to be challenged.  I won't hurt the other dog - just down him and stand over him as a sign of my dominance.  I'd do best as only dog.  Fostered by Alissa in TN.

UPDATE:  What a change!  All of the sudden, the little one has grown up!  He has calmed down considerably, is great in the house, and no longer races up and down the hallway.  Of course, he still makes a bee-line for the kitchen when there might be food for the taking!!  In short, he is a real treasure to have around!!

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