Hi, my name is MAVERICK and I'm three years old.  I come from the Fleetwood Farms lines. I was breeding stock in Missouri, and have had four "homes" already! In spite of my turbulent beginnings, I am sweet and well-sociaized. I was an inside dog at my last home, and have good house manners.

I love to go for rides, and will jump into the truck cab. I don't wait to be invited, either! I get along well with other dogs. I am too exuberant for young children. I've not yet been introduced to cats. I do like to sleep on the bed with my humans, and I curl up really small at the foot of the bed (unless I get a hankering to sleep on top of my person)!!!

I love to run and run, and have lots of energy.  An active family would be best for me. I am very strong on lead, but am smart and eager to learn. I am trustworthy off-lead in a rural setting with no traffic. Fostered by Alissa in TN.

UPDATE: MAVERICK suddenly became acutely ill. Treatments worked only short-term, and he was eventually humanely euthanized.

A necropsy was performed, and the cause of his rapid decline was determined to be Chronic Renal Failure. The vet who performed the necropsy said that MAVERICK had suffered from less than 50% kidney function for a long time, as evidenced by significant calcification of several internal organs. He was amazed that MAVERICK was able to breathe, given the extreme calcification of his lungs and diaphragm, and felt that he could have just as easily fallen over dead from a heart attack from the calcification in his heart.

Sleep well, dear boy.  You didn't deserve to die at the prime of your life.  You are sorely missed!
Save Our Setters, Inc.

MAVERICK's Heroes:  REDDY BOY and KIP (in memory of MICKEY, who crossed Rainbow Bridge 7/12/09 with love); Joe and Barb Janicek (in loving memory of JOSEPH CARRICKFERGUS DONNELLY); Terry Balsley & her Redheads RUSTY & ROXY; Tamara and JOSIEBEE Sutton; Zen and scratches from the Willson clan; Rock Sutton; CLOUD; The Shillinger Setters; ; Woofs and hugs from the Willsons; KILLIAN and THUNDER (in memory of MICKEY); CASEY and ABBIE Pozzuoli