Hi, my name is MICKEY and I'm about ten years young.  I'm so grateful to the family who got me out of the shelter in Iowa shortly after I was turned in by my family.  A princess like me doesn't belong in a place like that!!!

Anyway, I had been staying with someone called "Mother".  She had white hair, just like me!!  I move a little better than she did, but then I'm not ninety-five years young, either!!  That place just wasn't working out, so Mother's family contacted a local rescue.

They really didn't think any rescue would take me after the local rescue said they were full.  Then the local rescue recommended, and the family contacted, Save Our Setters.  I am so glad they did, as I had an appointment with the vet that very afternoon to go to sleep.  SOS said that they would make room for me somewhere, and here I am in Omaha!

I have been checked out by the dog-ter, who says I'm in pretty good condition overall.  I have a few tests still to do, and will probably get some meds to help me with my bladder control.  They want to rule out possible other causes first, though.

I get along well with other dogs, and am okay with cats, too.  That funny collar is a misting collar, and it helps me to remember to be quiet when I am wearing it.  My favorite people are those that like to take naps during the day.  That way, I won't miss anything important when I take some time to get some beauty rest!!

So, whaddya say?  Wanna snuggle with me?  I'd love to snuggle with YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Fostered by Cathi in NE.

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