Save Our Setters, Inc.
Puppy Antics
Ahhh Chooooo!!!!!
Don't we get a phone call?
Frisbee?  What frisbee?
I did NOT make bubbles
Your shoe is untied
Isn't this Cruel and Inhumane Treatment?
King of the hill
Party Animals Sleep It Off
Ringling Bros. practice
Stalag 6
Fence Gossip
Everybody Hide!  I'm counting!
Antony Steers while Bonnie is Lookout
Anyone for a game of leapdog
Bonnie's First Pose
Naptime for CJ
Cleo & Mom's First Kiss
Cleo with Mom & Dad
Clyde Makes Waves
Everyone needs some supervision
First Boat Ride - Bonnie, Clyde,
and Antony
First Boat Ride - CJ & Bell
Guard dog on duty
Hey,guys!  Waitforme!!!
Hey,guys - the birds are UP,not DOWN!!!
Honest! It was them - I've just been
sitting here
Is that steak I smell cooking
Look at those muddy paws!
Boy, are you in trouble!
Lost in the woods
Mind if I have a seat
Momma said there'd be days like this
Now WHERE was that pile of poop
Olympic judging panel
Opening Sandy Fisher's gift1
Opening Sandy Fisher's gift2
Opening Sandy Fisher's gift3
Racked out
Sharing wisdom
Shayla & Cary Mirror Image
So, Bonnie... Where's the bird
TAG!  You're it!!
Six PupTug-of-War
Still tuggin
And STILL Tuggin
Terre Firme!
Very Soft Pillows
Waiting at the gate..
What do you mean, only two hands!
Wow!  Just look at the size of this water bowl!
You ever heard of toilet paper
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