Hi, my name is RUBY III and I'm about five years old. I was found in a fast food parking lot east of Akron, OH. A Good Samaritan saw how skinny I was and took me home, then contacted SOS cuz she couldn't keep me.

SOS sure was on the ball, cuz I was moved the very next day to a temporary foster home, and then I went down to TN to have my medical issues assessed. I stole the hearts of everyone I met along the way! I was scared when I first got here, but really like it here now. My foster mom makes sure I get plenty to eat, and she brushes me often. I don't care for the baths, but it's a small price to pay.

My foster mom is pretty smart for a hoo-man, and she quickly learned that when I say "roo", that means "I want". At first, I only rooed for potty breaks, but she caught on so quickly, I now roo for everything, including really yummy treats!

The dog-ter said I am very sick. He noted at least one mammary tumor, mastitis, inflamed vulva, skin issues, and so forth, but he said my heart and lungs were the biggest concern, so he sent me to see a dog-ter who knows a lot about doggy hearts. The report is presented below. Everyone knows that Irish Setters have big hearts, but they said mine is just too big!

Since I came into rescue intact, there is a good chance that I and/or my littermates were bred. If so, there may be several Irish Setter puppies being produced now with the same serious health issues I have. Read more here. These dogs could be anywhere in the USA or Canada, so anyone looking to purchase a puppy from a breeder (particularly anyone within a two hundred mile radius of Akron since most pups are sold locally) should be especially diligent in requesting not only the customary health clearances, but also the results of the cardiologic portion of a physical exam of the parents at a bare minimum.

Ya know, I could dwell on the prognosis, but that wouldn't do any good. I'd rather just be my typical Irish self, living each day to it's fullest! Fostered by Alissa in TN.

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