Hi, my name is RUSTY VI and I'm about three years old. I've had a pretty tough life up until now - not enough to eat, beaten, and obviously not maintained on heartworm preventative. The nice folks at SOS are feeding me real well, and I've been to the dog-ter twice for these nasty heartworms.  On the first trip, they took a picture of my heart, which told them that I have had heartworms for a good part of my life, so they decided to split the treatment.  I did okay on the first treatment, so they gave me the second treatment a couple weeks ago.  They say that if I make it through this round, I'll be cured!

My foster family doesn't know too much about me yet, since I'm on restricted activity and cage rest a whole lot.  I do get along with the other dogs here, but am not allowed to play with them.  That's okay, cuz I haven't felt much like playing anyway.

I have discovered that I can really irritate my foster mom by barking at everything while riding in the truck.  She just doesn't understand how much fun it is! 

Fostered by Alissa in TN.

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Gosh, I feel so much better now!  Don't you think I look handsome?

I am a sweet boy, but I do have some faults that my foster mom insists I tell you about.  Why she thinks that I have any faults is beyond me, but whatever. First, I love to bark while riding in a vehicle.  For this reason, my foster mom crates me so I don't get in the way of her driving with my frenzy.  I think she gets upset because I get so excited that my mouth lathers up, and then she gets wet when I bark.  I've tried to tell her that I'm just trying to clean the inside of the windshield and windows, but she isn't listening.

The next fault is that I am very mouthy.  I just like to grab hands and arms, but am learning that humans don't like this very much.  I am not gentle about it, so maybe that is why she yells "Owwwww!" when I grab her hand.

Next, I like to fence fight with some of the dogs here.  They like it, too!  When we are all together, we get along just fine, but foster mom can't understand that we are just playing.  Go figure!

Finally, when I get wound up, I try to get really close to my foster mom's face by standing on my hind legs.  Oh, that reminds me!  My foster mom thinks I am a car or something.  She keeps harping about "four on the floor".  She's apparently not real bright sometimes.

Well, I think I should tell you about all the good stuff about me, like how well I am crate trained, and how I have a gentle mouth when taking treats.  I love to play fetch, but my coordination needs a little work...  okay, it needs a LOT of work, but I sure do have fun even if I'm not real graceful (and more often than not, leap too early - mostly in the wrong direction!).  I am learning to give the ball to my foster mom gently, which she really appreciates!

I am pretty good about grooming and nail trims, except for being mouthy.  What can I say?  I like to help!  Okay, so I get in the way.  You gotta understand that people being nice to me is still kind of foreign to me, but I am learning that I can trust people.