Save Our Setters, Inc.

Hi, I'm Terri.  I'm a very sweet 13 1/2 year old girl who needs lots of love and understanding - after all, getting older is not for sissies!!  I am eating well, and should be back up to my ideal weight in a month or so.  My wonderful foster parents are making me very comfortable, and I even have my own doggy bed!!

I love going for walks with my little friend.  She holds the leash, and I am very good when she walks me, cuz I know the little humans aren't always steady on their feet!!  Truth be told, I'm not always steady either...

In spite of health issues, TERRI is now being offered for adoption since she is doing so well on her medications.  She dances a little jig when it's time to eat, and lays her head on my lap for lovings.

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