Hi, my name is TONY (they call me BONY TONY) and I'm about five years old. I'm working really hard at getting better, so I'll just let the pictures tell you about me for now. It will be a while before I am well enough to go to a forever home, but I'm determined to be the next miracle dog success story!!!

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TONY here. I've put on a few pounds since we last spoke, and am looking much better. I have to put the weight on gradually so it will be good weight, not fat. My check up was very good, even though I am still leaving evidence in every place I lay. I really hate sticking to stuff (and having leaves and things from outside stick to me), but the infection has to go somewhere, and there is way too much for it to all be absorbed within a reasonable amount of time.

The places with lots of infection have gone way down, so I'm not uncomfortable over having my skin stretched so tightly. My eyes are doing much better, too, since I started getting Tacromilis drops twice a day. I've got a little bounce to my step, and am now seeking affection. I still tuck my tail when I am told to "come", but am learning that nothing bad is going to happen when I do, and it only takes a little while for my tail to come out from between my legs and start wagging. I still dive into my crate when someone raises their voice, but will come out when I'm pretty sure it is safe to do so.

I got to go on a car ride over Thanksgiving, and am now being fostered by a really nice couple in MD. There is a giant waterbowl in the backyard, but they say it is too cold to go swimming in November. They give me lots of attention, and didn't yell at me when I stole the other doggy's bed (which is larger and thicker than the bed I brought with me). I've included a picture of me on the giant bed. Don't I look comfy? Of course, CORY wasn't too thrilled about me taking his bed, but there are other beds that he can use, and he knows I am kinda sick, so he is okay with it now. They also promised to help me send updates regularly!
It's me again!  It's been almost a year since I last wrote, so I figured I had better get on the ball lest those pesky SOS people start hounding me for an update!

I've been adopted and now live in the Virginia Beach area.  I have a great home with very understanding parents.  The only bad thing is that, as the only pet, I always get blamed for stuff, like when they came home to garbage strewn everywhere and a missing pizza as evidenced by an empty box and all of the black olives piled on the floor.  It was the butler, I tell ya!

In spite of the many months of antibiotics I had taken, the infection would come back, so I had more cultures and even went to a doggy dermatologist. They eventually determined that I had MRSA, and after many more months, that is finally cured.

My mom had never had a pet before, so I broke her in real good.  I even demonstrated my talent of opening the pull-out freezer drawer!  In spite of all my Irish antics, she knows that I am special and she loves me.  Sometimes I think she loves me more than Dad does!